First Baptist Church of Spring Lake, Michigan
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Committed to prayer and worship

About Us

First Baptist Church is made up of ordinary people like you and me. We are teachers, electricians, nurses, students, business people and retirees who love one another and will welcome you into our church family. We are a growing congregation located in the village of Spring Lake, Michigan.

At First Baptist Church we are committed to prayer and worship, focused on growing deeper in faith, and driven to tell and teach others about a relationship with God through the person of Jesus Christ.


Our Sunday gatherings are meant to help individuals build lives of meaning and purpose through the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. The purpose of prayer is also worship and an opportunity to get our lives aligned with God through actively communicating with him. We hope you will witness and experience the power of worship and prayer at FBC.


A vibrant community life is also one of the important values of First Baptist Church. Small groups, gatherings for men, women, seniors, and families are all an important part of keeping our congregation a community continuously growing deeper in our faith. Relevant Bible teaching is a key component to our spiritual growth and development.


Going into our community, nation, and the world to tell and teach others about the relationship they can experience with God has always been a primary focus of First Baptist Church. From active involvement in a neighborhood street party to serving full time as a Christian missionary, our people have discovered the value of sharing their faith.

Lastly, you will see that First Baptist Church is a church that serves. We're on an adventure to discover God's purpose for us through serving. And service in the areas of knowing, growing, and sharing provides opportunity for God's people to share in active ministry. By doing so, we find joy in serving Christ and we contribute to making a difference in other people's lives.

First Baptist Church of Spring Lake, Michigan
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