First Baptist Church of Spring Lake, Michigan
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Committed to prayer and worship

Worship Team

We are designed to worship: literally meaning to bow down in spirit and in truth. If we don't worship God we worship something or someone else (John 4:23-24). Worship is intimate, timeless, and eternal; it is one of the purest ways we can connect with God. The Worship Team at FBC helps create a meaningful setting where people are invited to offer themselves to God.

We use music and other worship arts, to express our love to God. We view worship as a response to what God has done through Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins. It is not just an event. It is something which touches our whole lives.

The Worship Team at FBC exists to lead people in worshiping God. Every Sunday morning is a concert - but not for the congregation! God is the audience and we as a church are the performers. Our greatest hope is that we touch His heart. The Worship Team is the leadership in this movement, but every person has an active role in this experience.

First Baptist Church of Spring Lake, Michigan
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